M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements Project

Scottish Roads Partnership (SRP) is the consortium that has designed, built, financed and will operate the improved routes of the M8, M73 and M74.


SRP consists of the lenders Allianz and the European Investment Bank, the shareholders Meridiam Infrastructure, Pension Infrastructure Platform (PIP), Amey and Cintra.

This project is:

  • Improving journey times and journey time reliability through the Central Scotland motorway network
  • Helping promote sustainable economic growth by improving access to facilities and employment areas
  • Reducing emissions and tackling climate change by improving air quality and providing health improvement
  • Reducing the time to transport goods and services
  • Creating better connectivity between Glasgow and Edinburgh and to the South
  • Cutting congestion
  • Improving road safety through the reduction of traffic on local roads, reducing lane changing and helping prevent weaving between lanes

Works Safety

Please, when driving through roadworks consider the safety of road workers and other members of the travelling public by staying alert, following signage, driving to the conditions and observing restrictions.

Failing to maintain a safe speed in roadworks poses a serious threat to life so please reduce your speed and drive with care.


Roadside Litter

Disposing of your litter properly, either in a designated bin or by taking it home, protects biodiversity, animals and the natural beauty of our countryside.

It also reduces the risks to road worker safety, if they are not required to clean up carriageways and roadsides.