Bothwell Green Canopy, a subset of Queen's Green Canopy Initiative

16 March 2023

Bothwell Green Canopy Initiative - Plant Trees in March 2023 at A725/A7071 near Raith Junction.

In March, Scottish Roads Partnership (SRP) provided an area of land within the Project boundary for the Bothwell Green Canopy Initiative. This volunteer’s group is organised and implemented by members and friends of the Bothwell horticultural Society as part of the Bothwell Green Canopy Initiative. A subset of the Queen’s Green Canopy from Bothwell.

Over one weekend, local residents and members of the local Scout group braved the cold weather and were permitted to plant around 500 trees in an area adjacent to the A725/A7071 near to Raith Junction.

Graham Drummond, SRP’s Operations Manager commented : SRP were happy to assist and allow this tree planting to take place close to the local community and to enhance the environment in the surrounding area.