Cyclepath & Footways as part of the M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvement Project

20 March 2023

Scottish Roads Partnership (SRP) constructed 16 kilometers of cyclepath & footways between 2014 and 2017.


Scottish Roads Partnership (SRP) in working with Transport Scotland are committed to increasing levels of walking, wheeling and cycling for transport and leisure as part of their Active Travel Framework. As part of the M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements Project, SRP constructed 16 kilometers of cyclepath and footways between 2014 and 2017. The cyclepath and footways are adjacent to or bridged over the new areas of trunk roads constructed as part of the above Project between Baillieston and Eurocentral and also at the A725 Raith Junction.

The development of this project included consideration of both cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure. Consultations were held with relevant organisations, including local authorities, Sustrans, Go BIKE, and Cycle Touring Club (CTC) to develop the improvements as part of the project.

The new cycle and pedestrian routes constructed by SRP provide access to various communities and business hubs and connect to existing cycle routes across Lanarkshire and Glasgow east. The new links include connections to Newhouse Industrial Estate, Eurocentral Business Park, Strathclyde Business Park (Bellshill) and Barrbridge Leisure Park (Cinema, bowling & eateries). Local residential areas directly benefiting from improved connections are Chapelhall village, Carnbroe village, Shawhead, Kirkshaws & Kirkwood areas of Coatbridge, Bargeddie village, Bellshill & Bothwell connections to Strathclyde Country Park. The new cyclepath and footway is providing increased connectivity between communities and areas of employment.

Highlights for the pedestrian/cycle infrastructure include the pedestrian/cycle bridges over the new roads and bridges to remove the need for crossings of the new road layout, at the A8 Carnbroe Junction, A725 Shawhead Junction, M8 & A8 bridge at Barrbridge Leisure Complex, Bridge over M73 connecting Bargeddie to Baillieston/Swinton and A725 at Raith roundabout, connecting Bellshill and Bothwell areas to existing cycle routes and Strathclyde Country Park. 

In addition, the following new links/connections have also been provided:

  • A north/south link from Hagmill Road/Kirkshaws Road to North Road Bellshill
  • Pedestrian/cycle bridges over the new roads and bridges to remove the need for crossings of the new road layout
  • A dedicated pedestrian/cycle path to Strathclyde Business Park Bellshill from the new north/south link;
  • Connection to the new east/west cycle route provided as part of the project between Baillieston and Eurocentral, including a new pedestrian & cycle bridge over the new M8 and existing A8 providing safe access to Barrbridge Leisure Park (Cinema/Bowling/Eateries). Including a connection to an existing National Cycle Network Route No.75 at the A752 Bargeddie;
  • A dedicated pedestrian/cycle path to Strathclyde Country Park from Bellshill (south) & Bothwell and connection to an existing National Cycle Network Route No.74 at the B7071 Bothwell Bridge, including a new bridge over the A725 and Raith roundabout;
  • Connections from Chapelhall village south to Newhouse Industrial Estate and west into Eurocentral which then connects to the new A8 cycleway & footpath at Maxim Business Park/Dakota Hotel and westwards to other areas.

A plan of the current pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure can be found on SRP’s website via the following link: (link to be added when MC is about to published on SRP website)

The Active Travel Framework brings together the key policy approaches to improving the uptake of walking and cycling in Scotland for travel. It has been produced collaboratively by Transport Scotland and key delivery partners, with input from Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) and local authorities.

Drawing on the long-term shared vision and strategic objectives for active travel developed and set out in partnership in 2014, at its heart is an ambition that by 2030, Scotland’s communities are shaped around people and places, enabling walking and cycling to be the most popular mode of travel for short, everyday journeys.

This plan can be viewed on the Transport Scotland project website, using the following link:

Active Travel Framework | Transport Scotland

Should you require further information, you can do so by contacting Scottish Roads Partnership, the contractor for this scheme, on a dedicated telephone line - 0800 042 0188 – or via email at –