A725 Shawhead - Traffic Signals on A725 at North Road

29 November 2019

Temporary Traffic Signals at Shawhead on the A725, Coatbridge

Overnight on Thursday 28th November 2019 into Friday 29th November 2019, two vehicles were involved in a traffic collision on the A725 at the Shawhead South Junction.
As a result of this incident, two traffic signal control cabinets located on the east verge at North Road were struck, rendering the permanent traffic signals inoperable.

On investigation, both control cabinets were found to have been destroyed beyond repair. These cabinets house the electronics and control systems that determine the sequencing of the traffic signals. We immediately instructed our specialist contractor to begin repairs, however both these cabinets are special items of infrastructure that need to be manufactured from new. Once constructed, the new cabinets will need to be installed and tested, before they are then configured to work properly. A normal turnaround for the cabinet manufacturing process is six to eight weeks, however, it is being prioritised as a matter of urgency.

Due to the traffic movements at this junction, there was no option but to operate temporary 4-way portable traffic signals until the replacement control cabinets can be commissioned. The permanent traffic signals operate on an intelligent system called MOVA, (microprocessor optimised vehicle actuation) which automatically links to the signals at both Shawhead North and Shawhead Central junctions. This system is on a constant cycle of optimising the best traffic light sequencing for all traffic utilising the Shawhead Interchange. Unfortunately, temporary traffic signals cannot be operated in the same way. This is what is creating delays on the A725 and surrounding network. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused so far and would ask drivers to be patient when negotiating this area. We can assure you that the repair of these signals is being prioritised within the constraints of the manufacturing process for these two cabinets.